How is it that Microsoft after years of development has not created a native offsite backup tool?

Answer: 3rd party vendors make good profit and it is not accidental.

Many small business and home office environments don’t have the spending power of large companies. USB devices have a higher failure rate than the computers that they connect to.


So to solve two issues of getting backups offsite and poor USB devices (and the eventual failures!)…1st December 2016, I have created the “BACKMEUP PIE”

This is mainly for Windows computers and is powered by Raspberry Pi®. You can run your native Windows backup tool (or other backup software tools for Windows) and the BACKMEUP PIE will transport the backup data offsite transparently.

How can that tiny Raspberry Pi®  fit your entire computer’s data within itself?  Answer: Magic… Real answer: The backup storage in the device is actually the offsite storage presented as local storage over the internet and securely transmitted.

What if my internet is slow? Answer, all offsite backups of any kind do require adequate speed and reliability otherwise any backup routine will be un-successful.

Trying to send 10GB offsite every day when your ADSL connection is only capable of 6GB is not going to work so I can help get a real world outlook on what will work for your scenario. VDSL or Fibre internet is best, preferably with unlimited data plans.

Restoring data is as easy (as it can be technically) as running the backup tool you used to restore the data back to the computer. Also we can setup managed backups of specific Windows file shares within your computer network and send daily reports on the changes that occur each day so you can self assess the backup routine with minimal effort without technical knowledge.

You pay for the supplied Raspberry Pi® kit upon setup, I set it up for you onsite or remotely and then only the monthly data volume you want to keep stored offsite is then billed per month.

I include support for you accessing backups, the initial setup and I can keep 12 months retention on file by request (or delete, your choice) so your backups are not simply lost to the nothingness if you decide to stop paying for offsite backups (well for 12 months from the last payment!)


What does offsite backup storage cost per month?

  • 20GiB data usage is within the NZ$10 +GST minimum fee
  • 600GiB data is NZ$300 +GST
  • 601GiB+ is still NZ$300 +GST
  • 12 Months offsite backup retention after monthly billing stops unless you request immediate deletion
  • The Raspberry Pi® kit is your equipment

Summary: Minimum fee then + NZ$0.50 per additional GiB stored, invoiced per month and price capped at NZ$300 + GST per month when your archives grow past 600GiB+ 

Give Luke a call 03-9290239 – he is human =)

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