New projects with real world benefits has a need for my own custom Dynamic DNS public service.

My BACKMEUP project and new (as of 01-12-2016) BACKMEUP PIE for Windows computer users and servers will benefit directly as this is not a third party subscription seperate from my services, it is included!

If you are running Linux for services and projects or using our BACKMEUP PIE, this free DDNS has been implemented to better reach and manage connected devices.

Security is always the utmost concern with any form of connecting systems

Our DDNS is actually DNS controlled, not SQL or FILE based authentication via client software so hacking is not in the power of the end user’s compromised computer, I am looking for trial users to pass back feedback or improve this DDNS project, no costs involved.

Dependancies ? Bind-Utils, Wget and a working internet connection

Send me your interest in having a DDNS connection to – I will send you a wget shell command to get setup, takes less than 15 seconds to be connected and as this is purely open-source so you can inspect all aspects of how this service works if that sort of thing interests you.

Thanks for crazy cheap VM services for such projects as this!


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