The computer user needs to have their thinking hat on re emails

This is a specific attempt to use a New Zealand brand, NZ Post to push the user to accept the presented email content and click to download the malicious code and encrypt your documents and hold you to ransom.

The email arrives, invites you to “Print Parcel Info”, this will take you to a hacked website page, the website owner will not know their own website was part of your worst nightmare.

Testing shows this is more prone to older Internet Explorer users but anyone can be a victim by accepting the download prompts without understanding what you are accepting.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.48.36 PM


If you have fallen victim to this sort of attack, your computer will suddenly be on the go-slow while the running download is attempting to encrypt your digital life. Turn your computer off at the wall and get help, the longer your computer is left on the chances of finding correct copies of computer documents decreases rapidly.

It seems to many computer users are still victims of the email trickery and thats why these items keep arriving because it benefits the person causing harm to digital life.

Treat email like a door-to-door sales person, don’t start reading the brochures. Simply say no and delete emails you don’t trust.