You have a few computers in the garage or a business cleaning out the spare room, those items are now destined for the recycle depot.


How many times have you thought about the documents and pictures still living in those computers, was everything copied to the newer computer or a task you never got around to completing?


Give me a call, I can do you a great deal by taking multiple computers, recycling them for you and giving back to you historical documents in a download link or your own provided USB storage.

Includes: Data extraction costs, recycling and travel (Canterbury Region Only)

  • Single computer, $120+ GST
  • 5 computers, $240+ GST
  • 10 computers, $320+ GST
  • More than 10 computers? Please call to discuss

As this task is about fetching documents and various items specific from old computers and not the installed programs of yesteryear, I separate the items into the following categories as this is more useful than trolling through a single large folder.

Only you know what matters to you!

  • Office documents eg Microsoft Word, Open office, Star Office
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Archive files like zip, rar, tar
  • Accounting files, Quickbooks, MYOB, etc

This saves you many hours of time trying to power on old computers, transport of the items to a recycle depot and making life dead easy with a categorised result of all files you can understand.

Call 0800 000825, ask for Luke and lets get this sorted.