Service rates do not include any replacement parts or items needed for service tasks

Travel Fee (50km limit)

  • NZ$55 +GST
  • No travel fee incurred for remote internet support task/jobs
  • No travel fee is charged once any work has commenced with a minimum of 1-hour charge
  • A travel fee will be applied to any job is cancelled without one hour notice before the task/job appointment
  • Tasks less than 15 minutes onsite (i.e., mains power cord replacement) will incur a travel fee instead of an hourly charge plus any items supplied

General Service

  • NZ$120 +GST per hour
  • Charged in 15-minute increments
  • Booking in advance by at least 6 hours

Urgent Service

  • NZ$180 +GST per hour
  • Charged in 15-minute increments
  • No booking required, focused on urgent or after-hours support

Project Service

  • NZ$90 +GST per hour (single tasks over 4 hrs in duration)
  • Charged in 15-minute increments
  • Booking in advance by at least 7 days
  • Pricing designed for long tasks like full business setups and project management
  • Note regarding non-priority service, other general / urgent tasks will be actioned if required without prior notice.

Offsite Computer Backup Costs.

Single Computer Standard

  • Monthly, per computer $20+ GST
  • Unlimited data storage online
  • Last 30 days file versioning retention
  • For Microsoft Windows 7 and newer versions and Apple MacOS 10.11 and newer versions
  •  We will include the initial setup for the computer backup free of charge per computer (remotely connect to your computer, install backup software and check this is working as expected)

Single Computer + Extended Versioning

Monthly, per computer $25+ GST

+ All features in Single Computer Standard

+ Last 365 days file versioning retention


NAS or Microsoft Windows Server file backup

  • Monthly, total storage consumed @ $0.5 per GB (GigaByte) with a minimum monthly fee $10 per month (20GB included)
  • Price capped at $300 for 600GB+ storage consumed ( ie 2000GB still $300 )
  • Custom file retention rules available
  • For Windows Server systems and NAS appliances including Asustor, Synology, TrueNAS
  • This will require consultation and planning, happy to offer 15min of our time to discuss this topic at no charge before proceeding with further with any solution or labour costs.