What can be expected during a computer repair?

  • Have a simple issue? Some items are possible to solve on the spot.
  • My service is mobile, onsite visits first and anything serious comes with me to my workshop.
  • I will tell you what the estimated costs are and before proceeding, will confirm the final costs.
  • If I find a part that needs replacing, usually next day repair but worst case scenario allow for three working days.
  • Need priority service as time is not your friend? Tell me so that I can jump higher.
  • If the task is not urgent (i.e. you have a spare computer to use), is cheaper per hour and often cost caps are applied to jobs to ensure customer satisfaction.
computer hardware repair

Common computer hardware issues

Aside from loose cables and feet kicking power plugs, there are a few common things that can make your computer fail to operate.

Dependent on the computer model you own, most of these items below can be replaced without to much hassle:

More complicated computer hardware issues

Anything more than a simple part replacement does take time for testing, a quick fix is not the solution, I also recommend you have some form of personal contents or business insurance for laptops and all-in-one computers.

If you need a loan computer while your repair computer is away for servicing, please tell me and I will arrange for this to happen.

  • Mainboard replacement caused by computer connector damages (including network adapters), environmental issues and overheating issues often caused by excess dust over extended periods of time - What is a mainboard? >>
  • Damaged laptop screen or chassis (computer casing), need to be special ordered for specific model