Solving odd computer problems can take a different approach

You see something odd showing on the screen, and it might be a software tool you use every day but to you, it is not right. 

Sometimes, the oddity you're experiencing could be computer hardware related or as simple as a recent software update. I may solve the issue same day, and other problems will need a call to the company that supplies your software item so I can chat tech-to-tech with the software gurus.

As a technician cannot guess how you operate your software item as there is a vast array of software on the market today, it is up to me to discover if the results can be replicated and then rectified.


computer problem solving

If your computer is working satisfactory enough to access the internet and download software, a remote support session can be started to review and resolve computer software issues.

Click here to download the remote support tool and on 0800 000825 to organise a support session.