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Zimbra is a core part of your business messaging system

  • Works like Gmail and looks similar to Outlook
  • Share any item within your team without complications for any email, tasks, calendars and contacts folders
  • Centralise signature images for holidays and event updates
  • Hot desk using any computer and never worry about signatures and settings, security is at the application level.
  • Your computer won't slow down with 100,000 emails (you can still connect your email client if you like slow computers)


Additional features outside the messaging platform to improve operations for your business

  • 365 days retention for undeletion requests
  • Email re-delivery, save time restoring entire mailboxes for one item.
  • 50MB attachment limit - Use online storage for larger attachments 
  • Tech jargon: SPF, DKIM, DMARC standards, prevent fraudulent emails being fraudulently sent using your domain name via 3rd parties (malicious, scammers, phishing)
  • SMTP relay service for on-premise server customers and older multifunction devices (Static IP required)
  • On-premise server customers have multiple directory authentication options (one password, all services on-premise)

What is not allowed?

Email marketing, anything more than 20 recipients external to your business in one email should be considered as marketing, please use an email marketing service instead. (http://mailchimp.com benefits include, no cost to get started "DIY", scheduled email deliveries, reports and more)

For the tech guru

If you want to know more about Zimbra Collaboration in technical detail, visit the website: http://zimbra.com


Quick video guides for common user tasks