What is an offsite backup?

A copy of all the computer files you need to be kept offsite for any emergency.

Having a local onsite backup is important but this should be paired with an offsite solution in case of malicious activities, device failure or worst case, a site disaster that would destroy the local backup.

File sync tool examples like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Apple's iCloud do replicate the data as designed but is not a separate backup. Often these tools are impractical to restore data from after a malicious ransom/encryption event or password leak event as the damaged files are syncronised or removed.

Lastly, the primary feature of any backup should be time-based, also known as "incremental" whereby file versions are retained, and not directly overwritten.

Lets get started

There are plenty of online tools you can investigate for yourself, the goal when using a trusted technical service to simply get on with the job of implementing backups.

First, if all you want is to have a offsite backup, we can sort that regardless if it is a single computer or a large network storage folder to be backed up.

Second, if you want to discuss and review the backup you have locally in your office/home and combine offsite backups, best we make a time work out what you have and what gaps need to be filled to achieve this level of backup. We can give you 15min of our time for free on this topic before any commitment to a solution or labour costs.


Simply call 0800 000 825, and discuss your backup goals.


Nothing worse then hunting for a price on a website, go straight to our service costs link to see this information.

What is the best offsite backup solution for me?

This decision does vary by customer need but as a general guide...


A computer that is used for all primary activities where all photos and documents reside.

Single computer backup is the simplest and most cost effective solution.

A business with many computers and a central file share

Instead of paying a fee per computer, it is best to backup the central file share offsite and pay for backup storage consumed.

There is no benefit of slowing down your business internet connection attempting to back up every computer over the internet.

Larger business often pay for backup data consumption vs costs per computer and with a capped 600+ GB storage cost threshold, this provides cost certainty every month.