Looking to purchase a new computer or accessories?

Yes I can supply new computers, network items and the many accessories any computer user would need, however this is a brief purchasing guide only to help you plan your next purchase.

The reason main this guide was created? Many individuals like to touch and feel a product before buying and SUPPORTU is not a retail outlet.

1. Always buy a business computer model

  • These units will be distinguished by having a professional edition of system software and cost about $200+ than a similar spec'd home edition computer.
  • It will have better longevity due to parts included for business models are better quality than the home rated versions.
  • Replacement parts will be readily available in the foreseeable life of a business computer model.

2. Always buy a USB storage drive at time of computer purchase for basic backups

  • Never delay the purchase of backup storage, its always too late when the data is gone.
  • Cost of a new computer may be less than data loss for any reason that may occur.

3. If you cannot maintain your computer yourself

  • Take the purchase cost and add $300 per year for assistance and purchases (just a estimate)
  • Antivirus software
  • I.T. user assistance 
  • Replacement backup storage

4. Leasing

  • Only do this option if you are running a business and want the latest gadget on a update cycle every 2-3 years
  • Select the best or upper computer models for better longevity and performance, your paying a monthly fee so make it count.
  • Hire purchase is not available for businesses, only for individuals for personal use.

5. Accessories

  • What are the actual running costs?
  • Is buying a new printer cheaper than buying replacement ink? please consider the environment!
  • Do you need colour or can you make do with black and white and leave colour tasks at the print store where the quality is better and cheaper for small tasks.
  • Do you want a cordless keyboard and the hassle of batteries or a corded unit with a cable on the desk?